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February 14, 2023

Having a bright smile can significantly boost your confidence. It can damage your self-esteem if your smile doesn't look its best. Many people try many strategies to boost the quality of their smile, but only some traditional teeth whitening strategies can get the job done. This can be particularly frustrating to those who have tried everything to whiten their teeth only to have little to no success. If you've been struggling to make your smile brighter, our office can help. Here are a few reasons why your smile hasn't improved and how Warr Dental can help give you beautiful teeth.

Regular Consumption of Teeth Damaging Substances

Believe it or not, some of your favorite foods…

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January 15, 2023

Our diet can play a critical role in our health. While most of us try our best to maintain appropriate eating habits, more is needed to prevent cavities. For some people, developing cavities means that metal fillings are around the corner and must be used to treat cavities. Although metal fillings are effective in treating cavities and have been used for decades, they are only sometimes our favorite things to show off. We at Warr Dental can help you ditch the metal with our state-of-the-art fillings and address your cavities. Here are some benefits to metal-free fillings and if they might be the proper treatment for you.

Getting Rid of Unsightly Metal

Although metal fillings…

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December 15, 2022

You may be reluctant to participate in holiday pictures if you have gaps or crooked teeth. In years past, fixing your smile was a time-consuming project, often meant wearing unsightly and embarrassing equipment. Before you dodge taking Christmas photos for another year, there may be an option to help you get long-lasting results quickly. Instant orthodontics can provide hope for those who are tired of hiding their smile and want to address long-standing issues rapidly. Here are a few points on how Instant Orthodontics works and if it can bring you closer to having the smile you've always dreamed about.

Ditch The Metal

If you want to stay clear of braces, wires, and other oral…

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November 12, 2022

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, there are ample opportunities to load up on your favorite treats---and cavities in the process. Although you may be tempted to indulge in an abundance of holiday favorites, staying disciplined in your eating habits and oral health routine is essential to maintaining a radiant smile well into the new year.

Here are a few ways to protect your smile while enjoying the holiday season.

Limit The Sweets

Pie, cakes, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes, and peppermint frappes are some of the hallmarks of the holiday season, but having these excess treats can negatively impact oral health. While the holiday season brings out festive…

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October 15, 2022

Fall is a particular time of year when we spend a great deal of time with others. Many social activities come with fall, making it crucial for your smile to look its best.

With the season underway, investing in the smile of your dreams is essential. Here's how a smile makeover works and how you can confidently show off your smile this fall.

How is a Smile Makeover Different From a Regular Visit?

Taking care of our general health is a necessity. Scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist and addressing underlying issues can help you have a healthy smile. But a smile makeover functions differently than routine dental care. A smile makeover involves addressing…

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September 15, 2022

No one wants to be known as the person with bad breath. It can be an embarrassing problem, especially when you've tried everything to fix it. If you've struggled with bad breath, it may be a sign of a deeper issue. It may be tempting to keep popping breath mints, but this may only temporarily mask the problem. Consistently foul breath is worth looking into, so you can address the problem and restore your confidence.

Why Your Mouthwash Isn't Working

After brushing your teeth, a good rule of thumb is to reach for a bottle of mouthwash for an extra clean feeling. In most cases, mouthwash can be beneficial when combined with brushing and flossing. But mouthwash provides temporary…

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August 15, 2022

Everyone wants a smile that brightens up the room. A trendy way most people try to have a beautiful smile is using charcoal toothpaste. Many well-known toothpaste brands have started selling their version of charcoal toothpaste. Although charcoal-infused toothpaste is popular, it doesn't mean it's effective.

Here are some tips to help you determine if charcoal toothpaste is worth the investment.

Causes of Stained Teeth

Understanding the causes behind tooth discoloration is vital in choosing the best toothpaste. Your teeth can change color after contact with materials that wear away tooth enamel.

These can include:

Coffee  Tea Acidic fruits Tobacco


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June 30, 2022

Every parent wants their child to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Along with getting them to eat their vegetables, getting children to develop healthy oral habits is a challenge. 

If it isn't corrected, poor dental hygiene can lead to problems like cavities, tartar build-up, and infections.

As a family practice, we can focus on the unique needs of children to help them have a healthy smile.

If you're at your wit's end about getting your kids to care about their oral health, here are a few tips on making it more bearable for everyone.

Why Do Kids Hate Brushing?

Although it's frustrating when your child may fight you when you've tried everything to get…

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June 15, 2022

Bruxism (teeth grinding) can ruin your smile and wreak havoc on oral health. Bruxism causes uneven wear on your teeth, gum problems, and even tooth breakage. Also, bruxism can be the culprit behind a condition that affects nearly 18 million Americans, sleep apnea.

If it's been a while since you've enjoyed a restful night's sleep, a trip to the dentist might give you the answers you need.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition that interrupts your breathing while you sleep. These interruptions in your breathing can last anywhere from seconds to a few minutes, and they can occur dozens of times per hour. These interruptions ruin your sleep, making you exhausted in…

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May 10, 2022
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There are several things that can stain the teeth. Surface stains, such as those caused by foods and beverages, are typically easy to remove with topical teeth whitening. Some of these, including Zoom!®, our in-office teeth whitening option, utilize ultraviolet light to address deeper and darker stains as well, but not all staining will respond to topical solutions.

Intrinsic tooth discoloration (staining underneath your enamel) does not typically respond to topical teeth whitening. In some cases, whitening the outer enamel will actually exacerbate deep discoloration, serving to further detract from the smile. In these cases, a more advanced cosmetic solution is needed – and…

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