How Is TMJ Treated?

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Posted: February 6, 2014
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Do you struggle when you open your mouth to chew or speak, or regularly experience pain in your jaw, face, neck, shoulders, or ears? These problems could indicate a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects the lower jaw to the upper jaw. If you suffer from these symptoms, Salt Lake City dentist Dr. Keith Warr can examine your jaw and determine TMJ treatment options to restore full function.

The symptoms of TMJ mentioned above can stem from injury to the jaw, as well as repetitive teeth grinding or muscle clenching and diseases like arthritis. One of the most common treatments for TMJ is a specially made oral splint or mouth guard that adjusts the bite and slightly separates the upper and lower teeth, allowing strained facial and jaw muscles to relax.

Other possible treatments for TMJ include:

  • Medications to fight inflammation, relax the muscles, and counter discomfort
  • Applying hot or cold compresses as needed
  • Physical therapy to relax muscles and increase the jaw’s range of motion
  • If applicable, replacing missing teeth with crowns, bridges, or other restorations

To diagnose TMJ, Dr. Warr will assess the joint for discomfort, diminished mobility, and clicking or popping noises that suggest dysfunction. Other tests include gauging alignment of your bite, as well as a full X-ray of the mouth. If Dr. Warr finds evidence of TMJ, he will discuss treatment options tailored to the unique condition of your mouth and jaw.

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