What to Do When Your Child Loses a Baby Tooth

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Posted: August 22, 2014
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August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day, a holiday that celebrates a child’s healthy development of permanent teeth and the beloved icon who rewards the lucky child. If you’re a parent in the Midvale area and your child lost his or her first tooth, here’s a look at how to mark that special milestone. As your child gets older, family dentist Dr. Keith Warr can answer your questions.

Most kids lose their first tooth by age 5 or 6. Though many children are excited, some could be scared, especially if the tooth stayed stubbornly in place and cut into the gums.

The promise of a visit from the tooth fairy can both celebrate this step in growing up and reassure children who are frightened. When the tooth pops out, steps you should take include:

  • Step 1: If the spot where the tooth was begins to bleed, have your child bite on gauze or a soft cloth to stop it
  • Step 2: Clean off the baby tooth, especially if it fell on the floor or got stuck in food
  • Step 3: That night, tuck your child into bed and place the tooth under his/her pillow
  • Step 4: Next morning, see the smile on your child’s face when the tooth is gone and a shiny quarter is in its place!

Even though children lose baby teeth naturally, it’s important to help your child maintain dental health starting at a young age. If your son or daughter loses a baby tooth to injury, decay, or some other oral health issue, see our dentist immediately.

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