Why Get Dental Cleanings Every Six Months?

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Posted: July 23, 2014
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It can be difficult to fit two dental appointments a year into your household’s busy schedule. However, as with diligent at-home care, keeping those regular appointments can help stop oral health problems before they start. At each visit, West Jordan dentist Dr. Keith Warr will thoroughly clean your teeth and check for potential and existing problems.

Patients who maintain a dental checkup every six months can enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of cavities and tooth loss
  • Early prevention of gum disease
  • Regular feedback on the quality of your dental hygiene
  • For children, evaluation of their dental and orthodontic development
  • Better overall health, including early detection for serious conditions like diabetes or oral cancer
  • Twice-yearly renewal of the beauty of your smile

Though all patients should ideally see the dentist every six months, some individuals are more predisposed to oral health issues than others. For example, pregnant women and people already suffering from diabetes or chronic gum disease should absolutely be visiting Dr. Warr twice a year.

Starting at age 2, kids should also start seeing the dentist every 12 months. During these regular checkups, Dr. Warr can assess the growth of your child’s adult teeth and provide treatments to prevent cavities.

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