Bad Breath Could Mean More Than You Think

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No one wants to be known as the person with bad breath. It can be an embarrassing problem, especially when you’ve tried everything to fix it. If you’ve struggled with bad breath, it may be a sign of a deeper issue. It may be tempting to keep popping breath mints, but this may only temporarily mask the problem. Consistently foul breath is worth looking into, so you can address the problem and restore your confidence.

Why Your Mouthwash Isn’t Working

After brushing your teeth, a good rule of thumb is to reach for a bottle of mouthwash for an extra clean feeling. In most cases, mouthwash can be beneficial when combined with brushing and flossing. But mouthwash provides temporary effects and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for brushing. Mouthwash can help with day-to-day oral care but is not a cure for dental disease, which may be an underlying cause of foul breath.

Also, some studies have shown that the chemicals in mouthwash can impact the benefits of your toothpaste if you use them too closely together.

Check Your Diet

Many of our favorite foods or spices can be culprits behind bad breath. Garlic and onions are near the top of the list of odor-causing foods. Other foods that can cause bad breath include

  • Tuna
  • Horseradish
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol

It may help to keep track of what you eat and adjust your diet to see if your breath improves.

Gum Disease

Bad breath may be an indication that gum disease is around the corner. Persistent bad breath can mean that plaque and bacteria have built up around your gumline. The build-up of plaque and bacteria can create toxins that irritate your gums, causing them to bleed and making your breath stink.

Gum disease can progress if left untreated and cause further damage.

Medical Conditions

Also, bad breath can be a by-product of some conditions and their medications. These can include

  • Diabetes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Post-Nasal Drip
  • Acid reflux
  • Chronic sinus infections

What You Can Do

You don’t have to endure the embarrassment that foul breath can bring. The team at Warr Dental can help find the cause of bad breath and create a plan to fit your needs. Schedule your free initial screening at our Salt Lake office. Call us today at 801-355-5385.