Tooth Extractions in Millcreek, UT

If your teeth are badly damaged, our Millcreek dentist may recommend a tooth extraction to remove them before any further damage can occur. Dr. Keith Warr and Dr. Margaret Hyams will extract your teeth as gently as possible and will work with you after your procedure to help you recover and find the right type of tooth replacement for your smile. To learn more about tooth extractions in Millcreek, Utah, and make an appointment, call Warr Dental today at 801-355-5385.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth for your mouth. A tooth extraction is typically considered the last resort and is only recommended if more conservative treatment options cannot restore the tooth to good health and function.

When Is Tooth Extraction Recommended?

Our Millcreek dentist may recommend a tooth extraction if:

  • Severe infection has destroyed much of the tooth and its supporting bone structure
  • Significant decay has damaged the tooth beyond all repair
  • The teeth are overcrowded
  • An extraction is necessary before you can receive additional treatments to regain your smile

Tooth Extraction Procedure

When you receive a tooth extraction, our Millcreek dentist will provide a local anesthetic or other sedation option to help you remain comfortable. Your tooth will then be removed from your mouth as gently as possible. Following your recovery, we will work with you to determine if a tooth replacement is needed and, if so, which type of replacement best meets your needs. Common tooth replacement options include dental bridges, dental implants, and complete or partial dentures.

Post-Extraction Recovery

We will provide you with detailed post-op instructions after your extraction to help you heal and recover. You may experience some swelling and discomfort for the first 48 hours after your extraction, and you can expect your total recovery time to be about one to two weeks. Please contact our dental office if you have any questions or would like to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Extractions

How does Warr Dental ensure a comfortable tooth extraction experience?

At Warr Dental, our top priority is patient comfort. Our expert Millcreek dentist uses the latest sedation techniques to ensure a pain-free tooth extraction experience. We strive to make the procedure as gentle and stress-free as possible, tailoring our approach to meet each patient’s unique needs.

How can I ensure a quick recovery after a tooth extraction?

Following your tooth extraction at Warr Dental, we provide comprehensive post-op instructions to aid your recovery. These include tips on managing discomfort, maintaining oral hygiene, and avoiding certain activities. Adhering to these guidelines can significantly enhance your healing process, leading to a quicker recovery.

What tooth replacement options does Warr Dental offer after tooth extractions?

Understanding the importance of a complete smile, Warr Dental offers a range of tooth replacement options following extractions, including dental implants, bridges, and dentures. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best solution that meets your aesthetic and functional needs, ensuring a seamless transition to a full, healthy smile.

Can Warr Dental help if I’m anxious about my tooth extraction procedure?

Absolutely. Dental anxiety is common, and at Warr Dental, we are committed to providing a comforting environment. We offer various sedation options to help ease your anxiety, ensuring you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your tooth extraction process.

Why choose Warr Dental for your tooth extraction in Millcreek?

Choosing Warr Dental means opting for a team that combines expertise with compassionate care. Our Salt Lake dentist is highly experienced in performing tooth extractions with minimal discomfort. Our commitment to patient satisfaction, advanced techniques, and personalized care sets us apart as a leading choice for dental services in Millcreek, UT.

For more information about tooth extractions and to schedule your consultation at our friendly dental office, call our team at 801-355-5385. We are committed to making your experience as comfortable as possible and to helping you regain a healthy mouth and smile.