Instant Orthodontics in Millcreek, UT

Tired of crooked teeth? Dr. Keith Warr and Dr. Margaret Hyams offer instant orthodontics to help you achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile in less time than traditional orthodontic treatments. We invite you to call Warr Dental at 801-355-5385 to schedule a consultation with our Millcreek dentist and learn if instant orthodontics in Millcreek, Utah, is right for you!

What is Instant Orthodontics?

Most people hear “orthodontics” and think about traditional braces, which are a more time-consuming treatment and may bring to mind feelings of discomfort, embarrassment, or the use of headgear or other appliances during treatment.

With instant orthodontics, this is no longer the case! Instant orthodontics works to align your teeth and smile in a matter of just a few weeks, rather than months or years. This treatment works by using custom-made porcelain veneers to cover and correct the flaws in your teeth, giving you a beautiful and long-lasting result for your smile.

Our Millcreek dentist will typically recommend this treatment for patients who have a good bite but whose smile is marred by crooked teeth, gaps between their teeth, or the slight turning of one or more teeth. When you visit our office for your initial consultation, our Millcreek dentist will take the time to discuss your smile goals with you, listening carefully to your concerns in order to provide you with a thoughtful treatment plan that can meet your unique needs and provide you with the desired results.

We will also discuss the details about your oral health, smile and instant orthodontics with you, providing detailed information about how your treatment will work, how long your treatment will take to complete, and any additional care or maintenance required to keep your smile beautiful following treatment. For example, our Millcreek dentist may recommend a night guard if you grind your teeth as it will help prevent your new smile from sustaining any damage.

How to Know if Instant Orthodontics Are Right for You?

If instant orthodontics is right for you, we will discuss how you can prepare to receive your treatment and what you can expect during your treatment process. For example, we will make sure you are taking good care of your teeth and gums with brushing and flossing, and we may also recommend that you plan on maintaining a softer diet that will be gentler on your temporary veneers following your first visit.

Your treatment will take two appointments to complete — one where your teeth are prepared, impressions are taken and temporary veneers placed; and one where your final veneers will be bonded to your teeth to give you a renewed smile.

For more information about instant orthodontics and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Warr or Dr. Hyams, please contact our team at 801-355-5385.