Better Nutrition for Better Smiles

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Posted: March 14, 2016

A Salt Lake City family dentist suggested this healthy snack March is National Nutrition Month. To celebrate, our Salt Lake City family dentist invites every member of your household to renew a commitment to proper nutrition and a healthy mouth.

Good or bad, everything you eat begins its nutritional journey in your mouth.  Eating a healthier diet improves both your general and oral health. Some foods that are good for your dental well-being include:

  • Apples: Apples help to stimulate your gums, increase the flow of saliva and help prevent cavities by cleansing the surface of your teeth. The apple has been called nature’s toothbrush.
  • Kiwi: Not only delicious, this fruit is a great source of vitamin C, which helps your mouth in a number of ways. Vitamin C quickens oral healing, prevents gum infections, maintains your gums collagen network, prevents gum infections and helps prevent gum disease by strengthening your gums.
  • Celery: Like apples, celery offers several dental health benefits. In the battle against oral bacteria, celery can be one of your greatest weapons.
  • Onions: Sure, raw onions may adversely affect your breath odor, but they also provide important oral benefits. Onions help prevent tooth decay by naturally eliminating harmful bacteria from your mouth and body.
  • Cheese: Cheese contains casein, which helps strengthen the surface of your teeth. If you are naturally prone to cavities, cheese can help prevent decay and make your teeth strong and healthy.

Of course, dental heath isn’t achieved by simply eating good foods and avoiding harmful alternatives like sugary snacks and drinks.  The keys to oral well-being include making informed nutritional choices, sticking to a diligent oral hygiene regimen and making regular visits to your dentist.

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