Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Repairing a Chipped Tooth

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Posted: December 16, 2015
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A West Jordan woman undergoes a cosmetic dentistry procedureIf you’ve ever chipped a tooth, you are probably familiar with the sudden, unexpected cracking sound followed by the peculiar feeling of a tooth particle falling into your mouth. Chipping a tooth can be a jolting experience, but even more unsettling is wondering what to do next. The cosmetic dentistry practice of Warr Dental has been helping patients from West Jordan and Salt Lake City successfully repair chipped teeth for more than a decade.

Your teeth are remarkably strong, but a significant impact, whether from being struck or biting down hard on something, can chip off some of your tooth’s enamel. When the chip is severe, the accompanying pain will typically be enough to convince you to contact your dentist. However, even small chips that cause only mild discomfort should still be examined by an experienced cosmetic dentist. When left untreated, chipped teeth can worsen over time and eventually change the alignment and structure of your bite.

Warr Dental offers several cosmetic dentistry solutions that can be used to correct a chipped tooth, such as:

  • Porcelain veneers: used to cover the front teeth if they are visibly chipped
  • Dental crown: if a large portion of your lower tooth breaks off, a dental crown can be placed over the damaged area
  • Dental bonding: a bonding material is attached to the chip in your tooth by a cosmetic dentist
  • Dental filling: a composite resin is ideal for filling small chips in your teeth
  • Endodontics: often called a root canal, this procedure is used when the break is deep enough to expose the pulp in the center of your tooth

If your tooth gets chipped, try to salvage the piece that broke off and take it with you to your appointment with Dr. Warr if possible. Manage the immediate pain with whatever over-the-counter pain medicine you keep on hand. You can cover the tooth’s broken, jagged edge with some chewing gum until you are able to get to your cosmetic dentistry office. 

If you have a chipped tooth, contact the cosmetic dentistry experts at Warr Dental online or at (801) 355-5385 to schedule an appointment. We serve patients from West Jordan Salt Lake City and Midvale.