Effectiveness of At-Home Tooth Whiteners

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Posted: November 11, 2013
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If you want to whiten your teeth, there are what seems like endless options available to you – strips, trays, toothpastes, gums and professional teeth whitening. You may know you want a whiter smile, but you may not be sure which one of these options will be most effective.

Over-the-counter teeth whiteners certainly have the appeal of relatively low cost and the convenience of taking them home with you. But oftentimes people are dissatisfied with the results they get from these products.

Some of the advantages of choosing professional teeth whitening include:

  • Strongest possible whitening formula is used
  • Results are controlled by the dentist
  • Your smile is whitened in about an hour instead of weeks

If you want to whiten your teeth at home but also want professional-grade results, our dentist Dr. Keith Warr can provide whitening trays customized to your teeth. Unlike over-the-counter kits, these whitening trays will cover all the surfaces of your teeth to ensure the whitening gel reaches all the areas it needs to.

To find out if one of our teeth whitening options is right for you, please contact Warr Dental to schedule a consultation. We provide teeth whitening for patients from Midvale, Salt Lake City, West Jordan and the surrounding areas.