Why Remove Mercury Fillings From My Teeth?

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Posted: August 15, 2014
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Metal fillings are often an unsightly reminder not only of previous damage to teeth but less aesthetically pleasing design for dental restorations. If you live in or around West Jordan, tooth colored fillings can restore your smile and help protect your overall health.

Silver-colored metal amalgam fillings contain trace amounts of mercury. When metal fillings are old and begin breaking down, mercury can be released as a vapor into the body.

Mercury is known to have toxic effects on the nervous system. Possible symptoms of mercury exposure over time could include:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Uncontrolled muscle movements
  • Disturbances in cognitive and nerve function

At Warr Dental, we are dedicated to your safety. Though the American Dental Association has found no definitive link between amalgam fillings and harm from mercury exposure, Dr. Keith Warr uses only metal-free and mercury-free options for restoring our patients’ teeth.

Tooth colored fillings are made from a ceramic material that we match to fit the natural shade of your smile. These fillings are nearly invisible and much more stable than metal designs, meaning the repaired tooth and your health won’t be at risk from white restorations.

Patients in need of a filling can rest assured that the material we use will be totally safe. If you have old metal amalgam fillings, Dr. Warr can also replace those for the benefit of your health and the beauty of your smile.

Please contact Warr Dental or call (801) 216-3713 today to learn more about tooth colored fillings. Dr. Warr welcomes patients throughout the West Jordan area.