Can TMJ Go Away on Its Own?

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TMJ is the name given to a group of conditions that can cause misalignment of the jaw. Sometimes, TMJ is the result of trauma, while other times, it may be a result of uncorrected bite issues. It may also be a result of stress and habits, such as tooth grinding, which accompany anxiety. Oftentimes, the cause is not fully understood.

Understanding the cause of your TMJ is important for understanding if it may go away on its own. When TMJ is the result of tooth grinding, for example, stress-reduction and mindfulness techniques may be sufficient to address the issue. When the problem is related to a temporary issue, such as acute trauma, it may self-correct as well, healing in conjunction with the rest of the body and eventually diminishing on its own. However, not all cases of TMJ will go away without intervention. Some simply cannot.

Treating TMJ

Lifestyle changes, such as stress reduction, are often a part of TMJ treatment. These may be combined with additional at-home treatment methods including jaw massage, warm compresses, and strengthening exercises.

At-home methods may be bolstered by over-the-counter pain medications or prescription muscle relaxants as needed.

In some cases, an occlusal guard or neuromuscular mouthguard may be needed to help prevent tooth grinding and encourage proper alignment. These may be combined with restorative services, orthodontics, and other treatments designed to correct functional and bite issues. By restoring a straight and properly aligned bite, we can often help eliminate the symptoms of TMJ and help produce lasting comfort.

Do You Need Help?

At Warr Dental, we offer a range of TMJ treatment options, including biofeedback, which may be useful in cases of stress-induced jaw tension. Utilizing the most advanced diagnostic tools, we can help determine the cause and extent of your TMJ and provide targeted treatments that address discomfort and restore proper alignment.

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