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Dental crown sits on table at Salt Lake City dentist office Healthy teeth and gums are directly related to your overall health and well-being. When you have gum disease and tooth decay, it’s critical to address these dental problems to avoid severe infection, tooth loss, and jawbone degradation. Dental crowns and bridges are restorative dentistry treatments designed to combat structural issues, missing teeth, and bite dysfunction. These options restore your oral health and a good-looking smile. 

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What is a Dental Crown? 

A crown is typically made of porcelain and used to strengthen a tooth that’s worn, fractured, decayed, or has an old filling. The prosthetic is placed over the existing tooth to increase durability and is custom made to match the shape, shade, and size or your natural tooth and adjacent teeth. Dr. Warr uses natural-looking materials, so no one will notice you have a crown, providing both functional and cosmetic benefits. The crown gives a smooth, clean look and restores a beautiful smile. 

Tooth crowns are often used when a damaged or decayed tooth can’t be fixed with a tooth-colored filling. The crown helps your facial muscles and can improve a misaligned bite as well as prevent damage from other teeth, such as shifting or bearing too much pressure during biting and chewing. 

The porcelain crown process begins with a dental exam to determine the best restorative dentistry option for your needs. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth after it’s been prepared, which will be used until your permanent crown is ready. 

How to Care for Your Temporary Crown 

SLC woman brushes teeth while text explains how to care for temporary dental crownThe fit of your temporary crown is not the same as your permanent crown. You may have some tooth sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks and sweets while you have the temporary crown. There are some precautions to take during this process to avoid it breaking or coming off, including: 

  • Avoid eating things that are difficult to chew, such as gum, hard candy, nuts, and sticky foods. 
  • Brush thoroughly but gently as vigorous brushing and flossing can cause your temporary crown to break or come loose. 
  • When flossing, bring the floss through the teeth to the top and then pull the string out from the side—brushing up and down can cause the temporary crown to break off. 
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to aid in healing using a ratio of one cup water to one teaspoon salt. 
  • You may have some pain following the placement of your temporary crown. That can be treated with over-the-counter medications such as Advil, Motrin, and Ibuprofen, but avoid these if you have medical concerns that could worsen or have been advised to stay away from them by your doctor. 
  • If the fit of the temporary crown feels like it’s too high or affecting your bite, contact our office. 

Temporary crowns are not as durable as your permanent tooth-colored crown. Call Warr Dental as soon as possible if your temporary crown comes off because leaving the crown out of your mouth can cause teeth to shift and impact the fit of your permanent crown. Bring the crown with you, and we will re-attach or replace it. You may also use Fixodent (available at pharmacies) to put it back on. 

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 What is a Dental Bridge? 

 A dental bridge is often used when you’re missing one or more teeth to avoid your remaining teeth from shifting, additional tooth loss, bite changes, and gum disease. The bridge involves a set of interconnected crowns that use the remaining surrounding teeth to support one or more replacement teeth. The bridge is held in place by two crowns and helps correct misaligned teeth, reduces gum disease risk, and improves speech clarity. Dental implants are another tooth-replacement option.

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