Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Teeth crowns and bridges are classified as restorative dentistry treatments that can be used to treat different dental problems, including missing teeth and bite dysfunctions, and functional, or structural tooth problems.

Dental Crown

A crown is a prosthetic placed over an existing tooth structure that has been decayed, worn, fractured, or has an outdated filling. It creates a smoother, cleaner look and increases the strength and durability of the tooth.

Since Warr Dental only uses natural-looking materials and custom-makes each tooth crown to match the size and shape or your natural tooth, no one will know you have a crown. A tooth colored crown is a good option if a tooth is damaged or decayed to the point where a dental filling alone is not enough to keep the tooth strong.

A crown restores the appearance of your tooth and can also help the muscles in your face. It helps keep your jaw and bite properly aligned and prevents your other teeth from shifting or taking on a too-large share of the work of biting and chewing.

Dental Bridge

When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth can drift out of position, and that can cause problems, such as:

  • A change in your bite
  • Loss of additional teeth
  • Decay of the remaining teeth
  • Gum disease

If you've lost one or more teeth, Warr Dental may recommend a bridge.

A dental bridge is a set of interconnected crowns, which replaces the missing tooth or teeth by using the surrounding teeth to support a replacement tooth or teeth. When it's held in place by two crowns, a bridge can:

  • Lower the risk of gum disease
  • Help correct any bite misalignment
  • Improve clarity of speech
  • Fill gaps caused by missing teeth

After the bridge is bonded in place, you can again enjoy your favorite foods with confidence.

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