Unusual TMJ Symptoms

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TMJ, alternately known as TMD, is the name given to a range of disorders that can impact the alignment of the jaw. Some of the symptoms of TMJ are fairly obvious, these include clicking, popping or grinding noises when you bite and chew; pain and/or swelling around the jaw joints; limited jaw mobility or lockjaw; and visible misalignment. Related issues, such as uneven tooth wear, are often noticed during routine cleanings and examinations. There are, however, a number of TMJ symptoms that may not seem related to the jaw at all – and these can be particularly worrisome if you don’t have a dentist who knows how to detect and diagnose TMJ.

Facial Pain

One of the most common symptoms of TMJ is facial pain. This may present as chronic headaches, pain or pressure behind the eyes, pain in the ears, and pressure in the roof of the mouth. Much of this stems from the trigeminal nerve, the largest of the cranial nerves and the one most impacted by jaw misalignment.

Pressure on the trigeminal nerve can cause pain along any of its branches. This may result in significant pain that does not respond well to medication. It may also lead to more progressive and problematic symptoms.

Posture and Digestion

One of the more unusual TMJ symptoms is postural changes. These can be brought about by the angle of the neck in relation to TMJ. As with any changes to the posture, this may result in back pain, mobility issues, and even digestion problems.

While symptomatically secondary, when these issues are related to TMJ, the only way to prevent their reoccurrence is by treating the underlying condition.

Our TMJ Treatment Options

We offer several TMD treatment options that can be used alone or in combination to relieve the symptoms of TMJ and restore alignment to the jaw. These include:

  • Biofeedback
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Occlusal guards
  • Medications

In some cases, particularly those related to bruxism, a nightguard may be necessary to help restore comfort. During your TMJ treatment consultation, we will discuss all of your options to help ensure you are choosing the best one for your needs.

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