Welcome Fall With a Smile Makeover

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Fall is a particular time of year when we spend a great deal of time with others. Many social activities come with fall, making it crucial for your smile to look its best.

With the season underway, investing in the smile of your dreams is essential. Here’s how a smile makeover works and how you can confidently show off your smile this fall.

How is a Smile Makeover Different From a Regular Visit?

Taking care of our general health is a necessity. Scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist and addressing underlying issues can help you have a healthy smile. But a smile makeover functions differently than routine dental care. A smile makeover involves addressing imperfections in our smiles that many of us have. A smile makeover helps to rebuild your smile from the ground up, giving you a beautiful smile you’ll love to show off.

A smile makeover aims to correct issues, including:

  • Discoloration
  • Missing teeth
  • Gaps
  • Damaged teeth

After a consultation, your dentist can advise you on the areas that need attention and how your procedure can help correct them.

How a Smile Makeover Improves Oral Health

It comes as a surprise to many people when they learn how important good oral health is. Over time, poor oral health can impact your total wellness. For instance, people with gum disease are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack, as the bacteria that cause gum disease can use blood vessels to travel to other areas of the body. Also, gum disease can damage your teeth, causing them to change in structure or, in some cases, fall out.

A smile makeover can help repair the damage that gum disease causes. Depending on your needs, porcelain veneers can replace unhealthy teeth and fill in any gaps in your smile.

Schedule Your Consultation

Having a bright, healthy smile helps boost your confidence and can help improve your well-being. Depending on your situation, Dr. Warr can help create a customized dental treatment plan to help you achieve your dream smile.

If you would like to find out of a smile makeover is an option for you, please call our Salt Lake City office. Schedule your free consultation by calling us at 801-355-5385.