Fluoride Custom Tray Care Instructions

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We recommend the use of custom fluoride trays to help reduce the rate of root decay and to decrease hypersensitivity of teeth.

  • Brush and floss teeth prior to using your fluoride trays
  • Wear your fluoride trays 5 to 10 minutes daily
  • Apply a thin ribbon of fluoride paste around inside edge of trays
  • Insert trays and bite together to seat the trays
  • If excess fluoride flows over the edges of the trays, you may take a Q-tip & wipe off the excess and spit out the rest
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the trays and spit excess fluoride into the sink
  • After your fluoride treatment, do not rinse your mouth, eat or drink anything for 30 minutes
  • Rinse excess fluoride out of trays & store the trays in a small amount of water in the container provided

In order to avoid decay in the future, we recommend a dental program including:

  • Proper Dietary Control: Low sugars & carbohydrates
  • Proper Hygiene Devices: Use recommended toothbrush, floss, waterpik, etc. as determined by your dentist and hygienist
  • Rigorous Home Care Practices: Follow recommended hygiene protocols twice daily
  • Regular Professional Dental Checkups & Cleanings: Intervals range between 3 & 12 months as determined by your dentist and hygienist

The best way to prevent root decay is to prevent gum recession caused by periodontal disease. The best way to avoid periodontal disease (caused by bacteria laden plaque) is to maintain good oral hygiene.