Patient Reviews

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Storm K.

“Dr.Warr and his staff were so kind and reassuring throughout my dental procedures. He made me feel conformable the whole time and did amazing work on my teeth! I constantly get asked who my dentist is, and I am quick to recommend Dr. Warr to them.”

Charise B.

"Without Dr. Warr and his team, I would not have the confidence to smile. My smile is what I needed to express my personality and spread happiness to others. I am forever grateful for the attention and care I received at Warr Dental."

Megan P

"I loved working with Dr. Warr at Warr Dental on my beautiful teeth! From my very first appointment to the last, the entire Warr Dental team was professional, informative, caring, and attentive. I've had a lot of dental work done and working with the team here was one of the best dental experiences I've ever had. I would say I'd love to come back, but I don't need to! I love my perfect teeth!"

Jennifer H

"I wanted to send my feedback about my experience going through the process of getting new veneers with Warr Dental.

To start, this wasn't my first rodeo. I had another set of veneers on my top front teeth. I must say that the day I came home after getting those, I cried and cried and told my husband I looked like Bucky Beaver. Not exactly what he wanted to hear after spending all that money. But I couldn't deny, I hated them. They were thick and didn't go well with my other teeth. Fast forward 20 years, I knew I wanted to fix the first mistake so I did a LOT of research. I looked at pictures and read reviews and came to the conclusion that Warr Dental was the answer for me.

The entire Warr Dental team was amazing! I came in for a consultation and learned that my current veneers had decay behind them. So, I knew I needed to get them replaced. As the team helped me understand my options, from pricing and financing, to timing, to the step-by-step procedure, I felt more comfortable that I was in the right place. I had a timeline where I was out of the office for a few weeks, which was unusual. The office worked with me to fit me in so it worked with that break. The instructions and timeline was communicated clearly so I knew what to expect. I was getting excited! The day to take off the old and start with the new came. I was so amazed at the process. To walk out that day with temporaries that looked like real teeth, was amazing. I honestly was blown away at that process. Team Aubrey and Dr. Warr were awesome. Their skill and attention to detail is incredible. I went home that day, excited about the next step. Along the way, I was able to preview, on a model, what my teeth would look like. I loved how they looked and gave the go-ahead.

About a month later, I came back in to have my permanent veneers attached. I was nervous, because of my prior veneer experience, but confident at the same time. Once they were attached, I saw the final result and I was thrilled. The color was right and the veneers blended so well with my other teeth. There were some adjustments to make sure that my bite was right on, and I really appreciated the time that was spent making that right. I received my night guard, to protect my veneers from wear, and that fit was made right as well.

As Covid came, Warr Dental handled these challenges with grace and I always felt that precautions were extra and well-thought out. I appreciated that.

I'm being 100% honest when I say that my experience from the front desk, to working with Aubrey on the molds and other details, to Dr. Warr's skill and perfectionism, to Ida in finance, to scheduling and check-out, was wonderful. It was positive and professional in every way. I give an A++."

Pamela M

“Dr. Warr and Aubrey have done a phenomenal job with my veneers. I felt immediately welcome when I walked into the office for my initial consultation. Aubrey and Ida asked me questions about my career and what I hoped my smile would look like. The genuine concern and personal interactions with the team made the decision to go forward with veneers much easier. Though I had hoped my dental insurance would cover part of the cost due to poor teeth genetics, nothing was covered. This is important to note for anyone going forward with this procedure; it is a large investment. However, I have absolutely no regrets in my decision to invest in a better smile. Dr. Warr and Aubrey (and team) were outstanding in helping me feel comfortable through-out the process. They took my concerns and feedback seriously and made sure I was 100% satisfied with the results. Aubrey’s dental assistance made the process smooth; she made sure I was comfortable and out of pain. It was easy to trust Aubrey with my appliances and all the prep work. Dr. Warr knew exactly what he was doing; he is a true dental artist. Dr. Warr and Aubrey are the dream veneer team!

After my permanent veneers were placed, I could hardly believe it was me smiling. The ceramist’s intricate and aesthetic approach to the porcelain helped integrate my teeth into a naturally beautiful smile. This was important for me because I did not want my smile to look like I had extensive dental work done. It’s been six months post-op now and gone are the days of having to cover my teeth when I laugh and smile. My confidence has grown and my disposition has surprisingly changed to be more cheery. I never realized being embarrassed about my smile limited my interactions with family and friends. I am moving over an hour away and still plan to use Dr. Warr for my dental needs because I trust him and his team. I have needed some bite adjustments and Cindy is prompt with getting me in for appointments. Dr. Warr and his staff really do care about the wellbeing of their patients and work hard to deliver superior care. They have earned the highest recommendation. Thank you, Warr Dental. "