Patient Reviews

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Rebecca S.

I would highly recommend Dr. Warr and his team to anyone looking to makeover their smile. I consulted with many dentists and an orthodontist before settling on Dr. Warr because he really listened to me and gave considered advice based on his years of experience.

Connie T.
Before I discovered Dr. Warr, my two front teeth were broken during surgery, after which I received veneers by another dentist. Those veneers did not look at all right and I was very self-conscious and unhappy with my smile. I am very thankful to have found Dr. Warr. He replaced my veneers and I am so pleased with the quality of work that Dr. Warr and his friendly staff have given to me. I am finally happy with my smile again. Thank you Dr. Warr!
Shannon N.

I’ve loved my veneers from Warr Dental. Keith really cares that they look so natural and that is exactly how I feel about them. People always ask me how they are so white? 😆 Another perk about veneers- u never have to bleach them! The Warr staff is all so great, cheerful, remember my name and are fabulous at helping me keep my veneers in tip top shape. If u have any problem they will get u in immediately to get it fixed. I’ve never regretted my choice to do veneers with Warr Dental. Go for it, you won’t regret it!

Jake B.

After years of grinding, my teeth had become nubs that could barely chew food. I put off getting them fixed because I knew it’d take a lot of work. I’m really glad I finally did and couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what I had with Dr. Warr

Jamie B.

I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my smile after knocking out my permanent teeth ice skating when I was 8. I’ve had veneers since high school, but they’ve never been a perfect fit. They were too white, the wrong shape and just didn’t fit my mouth in general. I love what Dr. Warr was able to do with my smile. He spent a long time discussing all my concerns and making sure my smile was the best it could be. I love my teeth thanks to Dr. Warr.