Patient Reviews

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Susanne K.

I highly recommend Warr Dental to anyone who is interested in the best dental care and friendliest staff. They really know how to take care of even the most squeamish of patients. I can personally attest to that. I now go to Warr Dental every 6 months and so does my family.

Rebecca O.

Thanks for the wonderful smile. I love it!

Tod B.

It looks great! Being a medical professional, I value having a professional appearance for my patients. Thanks Warr Dental!

Toni P.

I came to Warr Dental in search of a new dentist more than several years ago. I was taking advantage of a coupon, as I had with coupons from other dental offices. Unlike the others who hurried me through and provided less than basic examination (and then expecting paid patronage afterwards), Warr Dental was the only dental office that provided me with a very thorough free examination. During that examination, it was discovered I needed some significant dental work which the other dental offices made zero indication of during their exam. Warr Dental made me feel like an already valued patron. After that experience, my decision was clear whom I would trust to meet my dental needs. I feel fortunate to have found such a professional and inviting dental office. Referrals Dr. Warr provided to address getting a dental implant were excellent. The coordination and involvement Dr. Warr had with my dental implant resulted in a better outcome with the appearance of it, than if not had Dr. Warr's insight and knowledge about the procedure.

Natalie H.

I always thought I had a nice smile. However, back in high school I chipped my front tooth. My dentist at the time filled it, but it never looked great. I was very self-conscious of my tooth every time I smiled. I finally decided to look into fixing my ""smile"". I asked around and was referred to Dr. Warr by a hygienist at my kid's dental office. She had gorgeous teeth! I had a consultation w/Dr. Keith and he found that with a little cosmetic dentistry, he could have my teeth looking fabulous again. Dr. Keith and his staff were great to work with. They were friendly and professional and they made sure my comfort level was at its highest. Dr. Keith is a perfectionist and I am so glad! He wouldn't let me leave the office with anything but perfection. My experience was wonderful and my smile is fabulous!