Start the School Year With a Healthy Smile!

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The first day of school in SLC is August 25th, marking a good time to think about scheduling dental visits for your family. As a family dentistry practice, Warr Dental maintains extended hours, open early Tuesday through Thursday, and late Monday through Wednesday, we can often schedule multiple family members around the same time to help ensure optimal convenience – and optimal oral health – for every member of your family.

With the start of school fast approaching, scheduling a visit now can help ensure limited interruptions to your fall schedule while setting you and your family up for the healthiest and most beautiful smiles around.

Dental Health Matters

Taking care of your teeth allows them to stay in place for a lifetime. But proper oral care not only helps to guard against decay, infection, and disease, it is essential for a healthy-looking smile as well. Biannual visits to our Salt Lake City office help to prevent common dental concerns and to remove surface stains and tartar buildup that can make a smile look dingy or unattractive. This is just as true for children as it is for adults.

Pediatric services take general dentistry one step further, focusing on the unique needs of children as their teeth and jaws develop and grow. We offer fluoride treatments and sealants to help keep both baby and new adult teeth strong, as well as general education and assistance with non-nutritive habits like thumb sucking and pacifier use that can obstruct proper tooth and jaw growth.

Perhaps most important, however, is the way early childhood visits help instill a sense of comfort with professional dental care. Addressing potential anxieties and phobias through gentle, patient, and attentive care from our dentists and staff helps set the foundation for a healthy relationship with dental cleanings and services as your child grows. We are committed to the comfort and safety of every member of your household and welcome an opportunity to help you and your family maintain outstanding oral health.

Please call Warr Dental at 801-355-5385 to schedule your next visit today. We serve families living in Park City, West Valley City, Draper, and all nearby areas of Utah from our office in Salt Lake City.